Why Choose Dr. Pampo?

Why Choose Dr. Grace D. Pampo?
Dr. Pampo had started her vision of helping people as early as 1989, when she took leadership among her peers who were considered gifted and advanced in the area of visual arts, sales, communication, creativity and service. She was voted number one in her region for "CREATIVITY" in the area of sales personality, leadership, and problem-solving. Additionally, she was chosen to be an honorary  Vice-President for ONE DAY of a regional bank in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Healingutrust was officially founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, CA. by Mary Grace D. Pampo, with the vision of creating a holistic natural medical and healing practice that treats every person with priority, compassion, dignity and personal first-class rate care. We understand that for many, visiting a doctor can be a stressful experience. Our comfortable & peaceful surrounding and compassionate and down-to-earth medical healer will ease your stress and fears, with soothing holistic treatments, laughter, trust, and healing & inspirational philosophy that lift the spirit, the emotion, and the intellect.

We are a part of something divine, something perfect beyond any comparison, and lies within us all, in the reserved heart, where one can discover eternal truth, pure happiness, pure wisdom, and pure consciousness.

Dr. Pampo believes that every moment is an opportunity to choose our own path to-do-something OR not-to-do-something about what is "not working" in our own lives. We can change how we feel, think, and behave,  when we bring ourselves to a realization that this can be done. Believe this, because "THIS IS DO-ABLE!"  Believe in [yourselves], always, that we can do extraordinary things and we can achieve greater things, the moment  we BELIEVE and ACT on this belief [no one is stopping us]; we can change things and make things better in our lives...the moment we tap into and identify ourselves with this realization! 

Make no excuses, for time is short.
We really are the co-creator 

of the world in which we live.

 We must seek wisdom and truth, always; seek and surround ourselves with positive, intelligent/ wise, happy, spiritual, and balanced people, for we become the company we keep. Hence, we must choose wisely.   


Dr. Pampo has a very gentle welcome and healing approach to her patients of all ages, from 3 y.o. to 88 y.o. Many of her colleagues refer to her many patients who have had difficult-to-treat and rare health complaints, as well as difficult-to-deal-with patients.  Many patients undergoing complex symptoms, who had no success with other treatment modalities, have found tremendous success with Dr. Pampo.
Dr. Mary Grace Pampo, L.Ac., DOM, AP, CNHP, CYT
Mary Grace Pampo is nationally board certified in Holistic Natural Medicine: Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine; licensed in Ilinois and Florida, doctor in oriental medicine;  earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Samra University of Oriental Medicine, in Los Angeles, Ca. Samra University is the oldest and one of the finest comprehensive oriental medical institution in the US and has been known internationally as a premiere teaching institution, due to its diverse talents of its medical professors and instructors, as well as advanced training in the classroom and in the clinic setup. Additionally,  California remains 10 years ahead of the game in the advancement of Oriental Medicine from the rest of the country. Hence, Grace has received diverse, comprehensive, and advanced training in holistic medicine/Oriental medicine and performs as an acupuncture physician, holistic primary health care provider,  and advocate healer to all her patients.

During her studies in oriental medical school, she was self-employed as an advanced professional bodyworker/oriental manual therapist to famous athletes, lawyers, executives, etc.,  always learning from the aches, pains, and mental stress of her massage clients and guiding them through life-changing habits.

Grace has always been a fast and critical learner, and seem to get ahead of her class with "extra" medical solutions of which did not sourced from the books in the classroom. She was brought up in the Philippines Islands by self-sufficient Christian parents- a father who was an organic master farmer, humble philosopher and self learned engineer  and  a mother who was a  healer with artistic/athletic tendencies and tremendous tolerance to deliver and raise six natural-birth children.

Grace believes that no matter where one relocates, one can bring with him/her spiritual guide, skills, talents, self-disciplined, inner peace, eternal happiness, and heart,  and be successful. With this, Grace went to Chicago and rebuild her medical practice from scratch and there she had discovered one of her medical guru, world- renowned master herbalist, surgeon, and oncologist. With her humble and colorful personality and talents, she was already introduced to many popular members of the medical community and was given the opportunity to give talks on acupuncture and its function at various medical and health centers.  An avid wellness educator, promoter of holistic medicine and multi- talented in creativity [mixing arts and science], inter-personal communication, public relations, and quick adapter to new environment, Grace was chosen to coordinate the company's monthly continuing education and health seminars, assisted with the marketing department, functioned as the public relations contact person and  their reliable and much needed acupuncturist  and herbalist.

In addition to her love and focus on wellness research and guiding people towards their inner peace, happiness and optimal health, Grace believes that engaging and assisting in many other fields of work, when time permits, such as her previous multi-task employment, allows development in the attempt to understand different systems in society, people, individuals, animals, nature, organism, the human  body, and the intelligent internal universe that exist within us all. She believes that our internal universe within us  represents  the unique model of what life is outside the human body.

In essence, we humans, and all living things are interconnected in some profound way. Interestingly enough, how we think and what we allow to accept in our lives truly effect how good and happy our world and life will be.

Hence, every event that life unfolds to us has something profound to teach us, for we must keep an open mind, open heart and attach to nothing. Also, we must remain patient and compassionate, even when the worst happen-for, even the worst, may be a blessing in disguise. Make no quick and reckless judgment of anyone and anything and be humble and attentive with silence.

The world is beautiful, no matter how we see it or feel it, because there are many perfect days when the little birds sing in the morning, when the skies are blue and the air breeze soothes our soul, and the rain washes always stagnant emotions and dirt where it does not belong;  nature enjoys our company-despite of the occasional storms and precautions; and there are kind, sweet, and generous people in this world who enjoy serving mankind & all living things, and demonstrate love and compassion...that leads to the feeling of a greater good and the inspiration to look deep into one's spiritual practice.

When we look for good things and for good people, we will find many of them around, especially when we first seek goodness within ourselves.

Listen and observe where ever we are or with whom ever we are; we might find our guru!

It is an honored duty to Dr. Pampo to serve you and your family, in the areas of health, inner peace, and personal & long-term happiness. It will be a reciprocal experience, for both the healer and you, the teacher, and vice-versa.  
Healingutrust Wellness Center accepts cash, check; Superbill;
sometimes: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare.
We are here to guide you towards immediate relief and 
peace of mind, as efficiently as possible.

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