Acupuncture is a form of holistic natural, alternative medicine, energy medicine, in which hair thin needles are inserted strategically into specific parts of the body, depending on the ailment(s) or complaints. It is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture has claimed its holistic healing effectiveness and fame world-wide, for at least 3000 years, in benefiting conditions from simple & acute headaches and migraines, low back pain, painful knees, stress, to more complex & chronic symptoms, such as, post-traumatic stress disorder,  depression, anxiety, drug/pain meds addiction, stubborn and debilitating pain, diabetes, skin disorders, insomnia, high blood pressure, stubborn obesity, poor circulation, numbness, cancer, and symptoms that may be rare, undiagnosed, and/or unexplained.

If you have any form of pain, especially stubborn, chronic and difficult to treat pain, acupuncture can help reduce the pain instantly and guide your body to do it on its own long term. Depending on the severity of pain, Chinese herbs may be integrated to expedite the results.

If you are experiencing more stress than usual and/or may be experiencing a health or medical symptoms that are creating more stress in your life, such as chronic depression/anxiety/irritability, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, chronic  and stubborn pain, cancer, etc., that has been difficult to treat or has not found an effective solution, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are two very powerful and natural approach to CREATING the process to HEAL and REVIVE you, and bring you towards optimal health,....creating a more efficient performing mind, body, emotion, & spirit. 

Acupuncture is cost-effective for you, your family, and your environment. It is extremely gentle on the body, mind, emotion,  & environment; safe, natural, and holistic. Importantly, acupuncture invests in your LONGEVITY, HAPPINESS, PEACE-OF-MIND, and WELLNESS sustainability. Your life is precious and you are soooo worth it!

We are at your disposal and we are 120% dedicated to helping you minimize, eradicate, and/or prevent any undesired health complaint(s), pain, stress, worries, and financial entanglement from unnecessary, timely and costly medical procedures. We respect your time, your urgency to see results, and your personal concerns.

Thank you for giving us your confidence.

**Just in case of an emergency consultation or treatment, your week gets really hectic and can't make it to your appointment, limited budget, or going out of town, inquire about our phone consultation. You could be anywhere in the USA; we can still help you, your family, friends, business associates, etc.**

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Peace :-)