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Attn: Dr. Grace D. Pampo, DOM
3646 W. Wrightwood Ave., Ste. 2000
Chicago, IL 60647 

Attn: Dr. Grace D. Pampo, DOM
575 S. Hercules Ave.
Clearwater, FL

Please call us today to find out about our 'mobile' treatments and National Tele-medicine Consultations. For those who are unable to come to our office, Dr. Grace Pampo may be available to do phone consultations and/or house-calls!

For a mobile-fee, Dr. Pampo will travel to any location in Chicago area for on-site treatments, when there is an available slot. Please note this DOES NOT include normal treatment costs.

Carefully review and educate yourself with the available holistic 
and natural healthcare providers around you.

Healingutrust Natural Medical & Holistic Wellness Center accepts payments with: 
 cash, money order, credit card, and superbill insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare.
We are ready to serve you today! .

Call for an appointment today &
experience immediate relief 
and peace of mind, as efficiently as possible .

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