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"Escape the stressful influence of work, stress, endless responsibilities; and start feeling RENEWED with us!"

 Logan Square Public Library: 
3030  W. Fullerton Ave., 
Chicago IL 60647
"How not to get a heart attack, or die too soon."
Learn the best habits, relationships, foods & exercises, for a strong, healthy, happy heart.
****Please RSVP call to reserve your seat(s). We need a minimal reservation of 15 to do this workshop.**** 
thank you.

Experience, Learn & Grow: ...From of our nation's top avid holistic and natural medical, fitness & wellness guru...

Get empowered by powerful knowledge, and gain confidence in mental and physical self-defense. Do you know what it takes to live a perfect life?
Renew & rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  Holistic and Natural. 
Everything you need to know to start Feeling GREAT, Looking GREAT and BEING HAPPY:) 
Are you aware that certain food, drink, and behavior can age you faster, drain your energy, give you more wrinkles, weaken your brain and your immune system, and imbalance your hormones on a DAILY basis?  
Tell your family, friends, colleagues, c0-workers, employees, etc. about us. 


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