Meet Dr. Grace D. Pampo (DOM)

Dr. Grace D. Pampo Janello has been consulting and healing people, since 1995.

Holistic Lifestyle-Medical Coach & Problem-Solving Consultant, since 1995: The Sherlock Holmes in Medicine and Problem Solving, creating life-changing success, extraordinariness & joy, for  individuals, families, and businesses.
  • Nationally Board Certified to practice natural & lifestyle medicine: emphasized in holistic, preventative and energetic medicine, in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM. 
  • Licensed in Illinois (Lic. # 198.000494) and in Florida (Lic.#AP2660), Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Acupuncture Physician (AP), Holistic Primary Physician: To increase sustainability and optimal health & performance in the mind, body, spirit, and environment. Empower the quality & creativity of life and minimize/or eradicate the risk of disease, pain, weakness, unhappiness, unnecessary failures, early/unexpected death, and mental-physical-spiritual laziness, providing  a balance in simplicity and creativity in thinking, Natural Inflammatory and Heart Disease Reversal Program; Happy Woman/Happy Man Program; Natural and Gentle Cancer Support Therapies and Advanced Remedies; Mind & Body Optimal Performance Program.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: from Los Angeles, Ca., Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Samra University of Oriental Medicine.
  • Certified Natural Health Professional [CNHP]: from Tampa, FL, Advanced Studies in Comprehensive Holistic Healing, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, & Bodywork. 
  • Usui Reiki II Healing: from USUI Reiki Master Giridhari Das, Orlando, FL, an on-going healing advancement, healing and purifying one's mental, physical and spiritual energy healing centers [chakras], encouraging and reminding the body that it can heal itself, with consistency, proper applications, and some professional guidance, as well as allowing other healing modalities to work more efficiently.
  • Advanced-Integrated Oriental Manual Therapy: from Los Angeles, CA, extensive training and certification from Samra University [acupressure/reflexology, shiatsu, Tuina], Touch Therapy Institute [Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point, blind massage, scalp massage, etc.], and J.H.J Education College [acupressure, reflexology, scalp massage], Moksha Yoga Center [Thai Yoga Massage]. 
  •  Advanced Studies in Mind-Body Meditation: from Portland & Clatskanine, OR, Zen Buddhist Monastery & BKS Iyenger yoga center.
  • Certified in Interpersonal Communication & Personal Transformation, Life Mastery: from Dr. David B. Wolf's Satvatove Institute, Alachua, FL: simplifying  complexity and resolving conflicts, using strategies in verbal and physical communication & building happy successful fulfilling relationships.
  • Holistic Mental & Physical Fitness, Certified Yoga Teacher: from Moksha Yoga Center, Chicago, IL,[philosophy and application of stretching, yoga and meditation,variety of techniques, modifications, & forms of holistic stretching, cardiovascular exercise & yoga; Thai yoga massage].
  • Dale Carnegie School of Sales, Communications & Business Training: from Chicago, IL.
  • Did research and privately worked with world-renowned healers, Master herbalists, acupuncturists, oncologists, surgeon in the areas of cancer, complex, unexplained, and rare medical conditions. Studied and provided solutions to many complex patients that presented the worst of the worst case studies from all over the world.